Complete Growing kit - Including soil and container

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The Naga Morich
also known as Naga MoriƧ in Sylheti is a chili pepper grown in Northeast India and Bangladesh. There is no consensus on whether this is synonymous with the Bhut Jolokia
or a different variety. It is also one of the hottest known chilli peppers and the only naturally occurring chili pepper that measures 1 million SHU on Scoville scale

Whats in the box

1 x 15cm Pot
1 x 15cm Saucer
1 x T marker (Marker pen not included)
1 x Clay pellets
1 x Earthworm compost
1 x Propagation Mix
1 x Vermiculite
1 x Jiffy pellet
1 x Instruction manual
3 x Chilli plant seeds